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7 Best No Medical Exam Health Insurance Policies Quotes in Compare Rates

7 Best No Medical Exam Health Insurance Policies

Many Americans who want health insurance are afraid of mandatory medical exams and fear they will be denied.

However, it is possible to obtain health insurance to provide financial support for your surviving family members, whether or not you are perfectly healthy. Some insurance companies do not offer health insurance coverage for medical examinations.

The best medical insurance providers without a medical exam are reputable and have good financial scores as well as generally positive reviews. They also offer instant coverage without long wait times, online quotes, and helpful customer service agents.

Best No Medical Exam Health Insurance Policies

Technology is changing the landscape of many different markets. Thanks to big data, companies can access a ton of information about just about anyone.

Unless you live off the grid, there are countless records detailing everything from your buying habits to your prescription drug use, your driving record, and your medical information.

So, the best free health insurance companies have methods of finding the information they need to make an informed decision on whether or not to extend coverage to you without testing.

Place to Buy Health Insurance Without a Medical Exam

When you search for health insurance online, you may notice references to medical examination requirements. Many insurers include a medical examination as a condition of approving a health insurance policy.

However, not all insurance companies require a medical examination. In recent years, many insurance companies have chosen not to have medical examinations.

In fact, there are several insurance companies without review that offer quality final expense insurance policies at affordable rates. Below, we review several of the best insurance providers that offer health insurance without an exam.

7 Best No Medical Exam Health Insurance Companies

Simplified lifetime or permanent insurance policies of up to $50,000 are available to consumers age 75 and under without a medical exam or laboratory testing.

Sr NoCompanyKnown AsAM Best RatingIssue Age
1Globe LifeBEST OVERALLAContact Agent
2American International Group (AIG)BEST FOR LIVING BENEFITSAUp to 80
3PrudentialBEST FOR VETERANSA+Contact Agent
7TransamericaBEST FOR No WAITING PERIODA++Up to 85
7 Best No Medical Exam Health Insurance Companies

Globe Life

Globe Life has been providing insurance services since 1900. Today, more than four million customers have health insurance through the company.

Combined with the company’s low monthly premiums and high amounts of coverage without a medical exam, these factors make it a clear choice for the best overall. The company has an AM Best rating from A and an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau.

A Globe Life insurance for seniors policy has coverage ranging from $6,000 to $100,000, and you have the option of adding your children or other adults to your policy. Monthly premiums start at $3.49 per month, depending on the coverage options you select.

No Medical Exam Health Insurance Companies
No Medical Exam Health Insurance Companies

You can get a quote online by simply providing your personal information, including your gender, date of birth, and the state you live in.

Why We Chose It

With no waiting period, Globe Life offers clients full coverage on the day they purchase the policy and offers the lowest monthly premium. The company also has a high AM Best rating and offers the highest amount of coverage available with no medical exam health insurance.

Pros and Cons

AM Highest grade of ANot as well known as other companies
Online quotes available
No waiting period
Pros and Cons

American International Group (AIG)

AIG was established in 1919 and, today, the global insurance company offers its services across 80 countries worldwide. AIG has an A rating from AM Best for financial strength and is our choice as best for living benefits.

AIG’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance plan is between 50 and 80 years old, offering coverage between $5,000 and $25,000. 

You can get a quote online by inputting your personal information, the state you live in, and your sex. According to the quote we received, for a female in her late sixties living in California, with coverage of $25,000, the monthly premium is $132.60.

Once you find a policy that fits your needs, you can fill out the online application or, if you prefer to contact an insurance agent, you can call the national toll-free number.

Why We Chose It

The only company on this list to offer living benefits at no additional cost, AIG provides coverage for a client’s lifetime for chronic conditions, including diagnoses like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and terminal illness diagnoses. (up to 50% of the death benefit).

Pros and Cons

Online quotes availableNot available in New York and Maine
Offers different levels of coverage
Health insurance calculator available
No health issues
Pros and Cons


Prudential was founded in 1875 and has provided health and life insurance coverage to hundreds of thousands of military veterans through VGLI, a program established by the Veteran’s Insurance Act of 1974 and overseen by Prudential on behalf of the Department of Veterans.

An exceptional life insurance option for veterans, retired military personnel have one year and 120 days after leaving active military service to enroll in VGLI. As long as you apply within 240 days, there is no need to answer any medical questions.

As long as premiums are paid, the VGLI program guarantees lifetime coverage regardless of any change in your health or employment status.

A 40-year-old veteran looking for coverage of up to $200,000 can expect to pay $38 per month, $101.45 per quarter, $106.35 semi-annually, or $399.60 per year , according to Prudential’s online premium calculator.

You can request a quote online on the Prudential VGLI website by creating an account with your personal information.

Why We Chose It?

We chose Prudential Veterans Group Health and Life Insurance (VGLI) as the best option for veterans because it provides lifetime coverage with no medical exam health insurance, and there are no exclusions for a history of mental health problems, PTSD, or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Pros and Cons

Offers coverage for active military service members and retired military veterans.Veterans must apply for VGLI within one year and 120 days of leaving active military service to be eligible
No medical exam is required for U.S. veterans, as long as they apply within 240 days of leaving active duty.
Online premium calculator is available on the site.
AM Best A + Rating.
Pros and Cons

State Farm

State Farm has been providing insurance services since 1922 and has issued over 85 million policies to date, including seven million health insurance policies.

The company offers no medical exam health insurance to people aged 16 to 45, with coverage available up to age 50 or up to 10 years after the date of issue of the insurance policy (depending on the latest age).

Best No Medical Exam Health Insurance
Best No Medical Exam Health Insurance

You can get a quote online directly from the company’s website and will need to answer a few different questions about your height and weight, desired coverage amounts, date of birth, gender, and tobacco use.

Additionally, State Farm will ask you to rate your own health by choosing whether you consider yourself to be fair, average, good, or excellent.

Why We Chose It?

State Farm provides health insurance coverage in the United States in 47 states with the highest possible AM Best rating, an A ++ (Superior).

He also gets the benefit since his instant-issue health insurance can be purchased within minutes of completing the application.

Pros and Cons

Created in 1922Not available in MA, NY or WI
Online quotes availableInsurance policies cannot be purchased immediately online
AM Best A ++ rating for financial strength and operational performance
Pros and Cons

Colonial Penn

Colonial Penn was founded in 1968 and provides insurance services in all states except New York. If you are in New York, you can still get health insurance from the company, but the policy is underwritten by Bankers Health Insurance Company.

The company is also licensed in the US Virgin Islands and Washington, DC. Colonial Penn received an A- rating from AM Best for its financial strength.

Colonial Penn offers five different health insurance plans, including the Company’s Guaranteed Acceptance Health Insurance Plan, available to customers aged 50 to 85, starting at $10.38 per month with coverage ranging from up to $50,000.

The permanent health insurance plan under 65, ensures that premiums will stay the same throughout the period of coverage.

To get a quote online, you will need to share some personal information including your address, date of birth, gender, email address, and phone number, and then choose the type of coverage you are looking for.

Why We Chose It?

Colonial Penn is our top choice for the best customer service because the company offers flexible payment options and the ability to cancel the plan within 30 days for a full refund.

Pros and Cons

No health questions askedThe variable maximum benefit tends to be low
Cancel your plan within 30 days for a full refund
Flexible payment options
Pros and Cons

New York Life AARP

Founded in 1845, New York Life is one of the top-rated insurers in our 2023 health Insurance Reviews and they have an AM Best rating of A ++ (superior) and very low levels of complaints with the NAIC.

We chose New York Life as the Best No-Medical Health Insurance for Seniors because of its great reputation and the company offers three different no-medical exam health insurance options for AARP members.

The three plans offered by New York Life are Level Benefit health Insurance and Easy Acceptance. Which choice you choose depends on your age, the coverage you need, the premium you can afford to pay, and the amount of benefit you prefer.

Level benefit term and permanent insurance policies have health questions that you must answer to be eligible. The easy acceptance policy only has one yes or no question to qualify.

You can also purchase a policy to insure a young child or grandchild (up to age 17) with a no-medical-exam health insurance policy.

Why We Chose It?

We chose New York Life AARP as the best No-Test Health Insurance Plan for Seniors. The plan is available for customers up to the age of 80.

Pros and Cons

Acceptable Guaranteed Policies AvailableMust be AARP member
Available for seniorsLower maximum coverage limit
Pros and Cons


Transamerica was founded in 1904 and is the eighth largest individual life insurer in the United States with an AM Best financial strength rating of A (Excellent).

7 Best No Medical Exam Health Insurance Quotes
7 Best No Medical Exam Health Insurance Quotes

Transamerica is our pick as the best no medical exam health insurance company with no waiting period because two of their no-medical policies will pay the full death benefit with no waiting period or phased death benefit.

They also offer the option of whole and term health insurance without a medical exam for those who qualify and a good selection of living benefit options to add to their policies, some of which are free.

In addition to the option of not needing a review for a certain term and whole-life policies, Transamerica offers three no-review final expense insurance products: Immediate Solution, 10 Payments Solution, and Easy Solution.

They have no waiting period, no exams or labs, and no premium increases with age. Final spending policies have also sped up death benefit endorsements and nursing home benefits. You can also cover additional insureds such as children or grandchildren.

Why We Chose It?

If you are looking for a health insurance policy with no waiting period, Transamerica is a great option. The company offers plans that will pay the full death benefit without a waiting period.

Pros and Cons

Level premium guaranteesNo online application
No waiting periodAverage price
Pros and Cons

Frequently Asked Questions

Life insurance without a medical exam is a convenient option if you don’t have time to deal with the hassle of a medical exam or if you are not eligible for traditional life insurance due to your background. medical.

However, coverage may be limited (the highest amount of coverage on this list can be up to $100,000) and rates vary depending on the coverage you get and the type of plan you choose.

If you are a healthy person who wants a higher insurance policy, you had better go with a policy that requires a medical examination, as you are more likely to find better rates and a greater range of costs. options.

The price without medical examination Health insurance varies depending on the state in which you live, your biological sex, your age, and the coverage of the policy. From the list above, you can expect to pay between $4.89 and $153.75 per month. The older you are, the higher the premiums.

If you are a non-binary person, you will need to speak directly to an insurance agent, as most of the quotes available are based on the person’s biological assignment.

Life insurance without health issues is a form of health insurance that does not require any health questions or medical examinations during the finance application process to be eligible. It is also called guaranteed issue health insurance.

There is no rule issued by health insurance companies that prohibits you from owning multiple insurance policies. And there are certain scenarios where it may make sense to do so. Or, you can choose to have both a health insurance policy and a permanent life insurance policy.